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10 Tips for Matching Wood with White Furniture

10 Tips for Matching Wood with White Furniture

1. Watch for Warm or Cool
The tone of the wood furniture in your room doesn’t have to match exactly but you should look for complementary undertones. First check if the woods are overall warm or cool in tone, and then look for a base undertone that carries throughout the different wood finishes in the room. In this example all the woods are dark and warm in tone. They fit together despite being different. This is a good tactic to take if you are feeling unsure about mixing wood finishes. You can’t go wrong when you pick one wood tone to anchor the space.

2. Stick to the Same Wood Family
Some woods are considered more formal than others. Classic oak, mahogany and cherry are formal, while pine, maple and bamboo are less formal. By sticking to the same family of woods you create cohesion – it’s an easy way to match a room.

3. Match the Grain in Rustic Woods
If you are creating a rustic-themed room and your different wood furniture pieces all have a prominent grain, keeping the grain pattern similar creates a cohesive look. An open-grained pattern is, on the whole, more casual than a fine grain.

4. Or Mix it up with Different Grains
Alternatively, you could use grain style and pattern as you would fabric pattern in a room – scatter a mixture of different grain patterns around the room to create an eclectic, eye-catching mix of colours and textures.
Just be sure to commit to one way or the other – don’t use one type of grain on nearly all pieces and have one different piece that sticks out like a sore thumb. Either go with all similar, or really mix it up thoroughly.

5. Pick a Stunning Accent Colour
Two entirely different pieces of wood furniture work effectively together when you use a brilliant shot of pink, purple, green or any other accent colour on both pieces. This trick really helps to create a cohesive look to a dining room, or brings together two distinctive pieces for a brilliant bedroom to be proud of.

6. Combine Styles with Confidence
When mixing & matching your decor, be aware that you can combine certain styles such as rustic distressed with the smooth, sleek lines of contemporary but that some styles don’t really mix – elaborate Victorian and casual beach house, for example. To combine styles, check how each makes you feel and you’ll find out if they belong in the same room together.

7. Use the Rug Well
One of the trickiest aspects of balancing a dining room with a wood floor and different pieces of wood furniture is what to do with the table. A light wood table on top of a dark wood floor can look a little jarring. Similarly, if the wood floor has a high shine and the table does not, it can also look out of place. Use a rug under the table as a link between the two wood finishes. The idea is that the rug matches both table and floor, yet the two elements are quite different from each other.

8. Keep it Simple
If you have just a few different wood finishes in your room it is easier to fashion a balanced look.
You don’t have to go crazy. If you have many different styles and finishes to your furniture, divide them between rooms so each room has a maximum of two or three finishes each. Your rooms seem less chaotic and more balanced.

9. Create a Focal Point
Choose one standout piece of furniture to be the star in the room. Use contrasting, yet more muted, wood tones and finishes around it. The focal point draws the eye and the rest of the wood pieces complement and back up the star of the show without overpowering the scene.

10. White’s Alright
If your room is full of different wood finishes, white is the calming, magical influence that draws them all together and minimizes the busyness. What is it? White paint, white furniture, or white cabinets to break up the room and create a calming flow, says Apartment Therapy.

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