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5 easy Feng Shui tips using white furniture

5 easy Feng Shui tips using white furniture

We know we are crazy about white here at Hygge Home, but can you blame us? Is there one single color that manages to transcend all boundaries? Those of time, style, continents, fashion and even religion. Even as far back as the ancient Chinese times, the times were Feng Shui was implemented in every building, home and town built, since it represented the element Metal. One of the main elements in Feng Shui.

Rodika Tchi wrote an excellent piece on the use of white to Feng Shui your house, and we just had to share it with you!

Easy Feng Shui Tips: Decorate Your House with White
By Rodika Tchi (Source: Click here)

White is an extraordinary colour. It is pure, simple, fresh and very, very powerful. When you know how to use it, of course!

In feng shui, white is considered an expression of the Metal feng shui element. As with the feng shui use of any colour, there are guidelines for the best use of white colour in your home.

As surprising as it might sound, you can find hundreds of white colours on the market, making it quite difficult to actually decorate with white.

These tips will help you use the magical...MORE energy of color white for good feng shui in your space.

1. Dine in White
There is a variety of good feng shui colours that work for a dining room. A warm white is one of the best colours, because it selflessly allows one to focus on the beauty of food, friends and the freshness of the experience.

Best decor elements that happily co-create a good feng shui home with the white colour are the wood decor elements (actual wood material, as well as plants), the transparency of glass items, white candles and, of course, a splash of black color!

It's the eternal dance of...MORE opposites that brings vibrancy to any space, the classical yin-yang that is always best expressed in a subtle way. Notice how just a bit of black color in the background adds a safe, strong energy while allowing the white to blossom.
Also notice the creamy white floors. This is a truly beautiful dining room!

2. The White Kitchen
White colour has the magical power of making everything look and feel new. Everything is fresh while it is white, everything is full of endless possibilities. Nowhere else in your home is this more important than in your kitchen.

This is where the nourishment of your family comes from, and this is where powerful energies are at play. Feng shui-wise, the kitchen is connected to the energy of abundance, as well as, of course, to the center, or the heart of the home.

While focusing on creating a...MORE white kitchen, do not forget that white needs the company of other colours, too, especially the colours of the Wood element. For a warmer effect, combine several different white tones - from a crisp white to an antique warm white colour.

3. A Fresh White Bedroom
You can create pure magic in your bedroom if you know how to use white colour. If the idea of a white bedroom delights you, be sure you understand what goes into creating a good feng shui bedroom in white.

There is a subtle line between the boring, sterile look of a cold white bedroom and the deliciously sensual and inviting look of a fresh, warm white bedroom.

For good feng shui in a white bedroom, be sure to not only combine several shades of white, but also several different textures in the bedr...MOREoom linens, rugs and other decor details. Two more elements are also very important:

a. Your bedroom has to have a focal point that is in harmony, rather than in contrast, with your colour scheme (notice the unique strong headboard that adds to the beauty of the bedroom.)
b. You have to have at least some expressions of the Fire feng shui element in your bedroom
(notice the soft plum red colour designs in bed linens.)

4. A White Bathroom
If you know how to create a good feng shui bathroom in white, you are assured the feeling of a luxurious spa every day. Of course, it does take work to keep it fresh and sparkly clean!

The feng shui secret of a successful white bathroom is in the play of textures and images/items with soothing messages for the body. Start with a soothing white and honey white colour scheme and add bath and body items in similar colours. A set of body brushes, shower lotions and creams, luxurious towels, etc.

Be...MORE sure, though, not to stop there. Have as many textures as reasonably possible in a white bathroom. Notice the warm wood of the tray, the shiny metal of the bath fixtures, the humble look of honeycombed tile floor, and the graceful presence of the circular white table.

Notice everything because good feng shui is always in the details!

5. A Living Room in White

White colour living rooms are popular in various styles - from a shabby chic style living room to the ultra sleek urban style room.

Feng shui-wise, you will add at least several other colours to your living room as well, because a good feng shui living room has to have vibrant energy created by many colours.

However, you can add other colours in a subtle way, in a way that does not overpower the soothing, the tender, the gentle and innocent beauty of colour white.

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