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Choosing white furniture for your home

Choosing white furniture for your home

With every season and year that passes the colors we use change to reflect the changes we make in life, the phases we go through, our growth, or just to portray the trendy colors of this year. Yet for all seasons, phases and periods in life there is one color that will always keep its appeal to people, white. The always easy to use, combine and place color in any household. From modern to minimal, old fashion to trendy. This is why we here at Hyggehome stay connected to our ethereal whites. Yet always combined with colors warm, cozy, homey colors. The challenge is always to find a color combo that matches your personality for the season, as described in the article below by Maree Homer for homes to love.

So your living room wall looks like a chalk-inspired color palette with the myriad of sample pots you’ve tested out, but you’ve finally landed on the perfect hue—congrats. Now comes the tricky part of introducing color into the space. Don’t be daunted by the expanse of white space; Taylor says it’s this very base that will become your guide.
“If it’s a white with warm, sandy undertones, it’s best to go for earthy shades elsewhere in the space for a scheme with a neutral bent,” he said. “In a space with a crisp, more brilliant white, you can layer in more saturated splashes of hue. Think bold blues for a beach vibe, or painterly pinks and yellows with black accents for a more Scandi-inspired vibe.”
When it comes to pairings, Taylor says there are three palettes you can choose from: complementary, split complementary, and tonal. A complementary palette pairs any two colors opposite each other on the color wheel (for example, blue and orange). “This palette works best in small doses, as they create high contrast, so use one color as the base and the other as an accent,” Taylor advises.
Split complementary palettes are when you take one color and match it with the two colors adjacent to its complementary color on the color wheel. “This is a great starter approach, as it’s hard to get wrong,” he said.
A tonal color palette is when you decorate a space using tones from the same color family (i.e. all gray or all blue). “This often creates a relaxing and soothing space, but it’s important to layer in pattern and texture throughout the space to create visual interest,” he said.

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