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Choosing the Right Dining Table for Your Dining Room

Choosing the Right Dining Table for Your Dining Room

The dining room is a place where family and friends bond together while sharing meals, stories and jokes. It is often a place where you will find delicious food, tasty drinks and warm candle light. The centrepiece of each dining room, is the dining room table.

We at Hygge Home believe that one of the easiest ways to create that hygge feeling at home is by sharing a meal with your close loved ones, be it family or friends. This means that finding the perfect dining room table is essential to your home.

Choosing the right table for the dining room is not always easy. Dining room tables come in various sizes and shapes. They can be square, round or rectangular ... to name a few. Before starting your search for the perfect dining room table, you will need to calculate the size of your space and the correct size table that would fit. We have outlined some important criteria below:

  1. Your dining room table needs to have enough chairs for the average number of guests you usually host - a table to small means guests may be squished and cramped, a table to big may make the occasion feel empty
  2. It needs to comfortably fit your dining room chairs - measure your dining chairs and determine if they will fit with the height and length of your desired table size. Each person needs about 24 inches of table space.
  3. It needs to allow space for people to pass easily - as a rule of thumb you generally want a minimum of 36 inches between the edge of your table and other furniture or the wall.
  4. It needs to be visually proportional to your room size, and other furnishings.

Perfect Shape and Size

The shape and size of the dining room table are so important in creating a comfortable and inviting space in your dining room. Whether you use your dining room table for daily and casual meals, or for elegant holiday suppers, choose the right table that can accommodate all of your dining needs.

Square - A square dining table fits best in a square dining room, and is ideal if you have a smaller number of family members or guests. Square dining room tables are the perfect solution if you have a smaller space to work with, and they create a very intimate environment for all those at the table.

Round - Similar to the square dining room table, a round dining room table also works well in a square room or smaller space. What is great about a round dining room table, is that everyone can see everyone, as all guests face the centre of the table.

Rectangular - A rectangular dining table is the most common shape as most dining rooms are also rectangular in shape. This shape of dining table, works for many occasions, and usually can accommodate the most number of guests without feeling too large.

Meet Our Various Dining Tables

At Hygge Home our ideal dining table is formal enough for celebrations but also casual that you can use it for breakfast.  It fills your need to feel relaxed enough to read the morning paper and big enough to spread out and do homework. It needs to be sturdy enough to last and stylish enough that it doesn’t fall out of favour.

We have a range of rectangular dining room tables in different sizes and styles, and have picked out our favourites for you below!

Shop Now: Beautiful Halifax Dining Table by NovaSolo that comes in three length of 63 inches, 71 inches and 78.75 inches.

The bright tone and glossy white finish of our tables will help to make a small room feel larger. For more design variations, check out our Provence dining tables that beneath their sleek white top, lie four trumpet-turned legs that are tapered towards the bottom to make the table feel slender and sophisticated.

Shop Now: The Provence Dining Table comes in three lengths of 71 inches, 78.75 inches and 94.5 inches. Choose a size that fits your home best.

Extra guests coming for dinner? Having an extension table is the best solution! Handle it easily with this smartly designed extension table. With one smooth motion, there is plenty of room for everyone. Sturdy block legs form the perfect counterpoint to the table top with its detailed moulding.

Shop Now: Halifax Dining Extension Table by NovaSolo with length of 63 inches to 78.75 inches when fully extended.

The majority of our dining tables are finished with a semi-gloss white paint. If you are looking for a more natural finish,  you will love our special Hygge Dining Table from the Hygge Collection. It combines an elegant form with the natural grain of solid teak to offer a beautiful surface on which to serve your favourite dishes. The Hygge Dining Table is also built to stand the test of time allowing you to make the most of hosting for years to come.

Shop Now: Hygge Dining Table by NovaSolo that comes in five lengths of 78.75 inches, 86.6 inches, 94.5 inches, 102.5 inches and 110 inches.

Style tip: don’t hide the grain of the wood with a tablecloth, instead dress it with Scandinavian inspired earthenware.

For more great ideas on how to bring Hygge to your dining room, check out our post on why We Love a White Dining Room

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