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The coffee table hunt is on

The coffee table hunt is on

A coffee table is a centrepiece and can set the tone for your entire living room

Choosing the right coffee table for your home is an important decision. In the article from 'Best living room products' from Jen Reviews, they discuss what factors must be considered when selecting a coffee table. Here below we cite 4 of their suggestions, as we believe they are the most important considerations to take into account when looking for the best coffee table for your living room:


Size is of course heavily dependent on the size of your living room and how big your other furniture is, notably the sofa. It is possible to find a coffee table for all spaces, though the general measurement is 48 inches by 24 inches. Measure the space, ensuring there is sufficient space for movement around the table and leg space when sitting. We recommend always opting for a coffee table that is smaller than your sofa, but not too small that it looks out of place or isn’t useful.


Similarly to size, you can find all manner of shapes for any space. The ideal shape is more dependent on the setup in your living room and should be chosen accordingly. For example, a roundtable is far more suited to multiple sofas and chairs, while a rectangular table will look better in a single sofa setup.

We recommend sticking to classic rectangle and oval shapes for more confined rooms as they tend to expand the space and maximize space efficiency. Round tables are also perfect if you have children due to not having any pointed edges that could potentially cause injuries.


In general, we recommend around 18 inches height, though a better measure is either the same height as your seating or lower. Anything higher may feel inconsistent and bulky, though this again comes down to your own style and is not set in stone. Lower tends to create more space in the room so keep this in mind if that is what you are aiming for.


Materials determine look and style. With this in mind, you will not believe how many different iterations there are available. You can follow simple rules such as glass gives the room more space and wood is better suited if you need something solid and durable, whilst metal looks classy and minimalist. In reality, we recommend checking what fits in with your living room’s existing decor and how the table will be used.

Options range from acrylic, wood, stone, metal, through to different variations of these main materials, notably in terms of shades of wood as well as fabrics such as leather or covered ottomans. If you have children, a sturdy build is highly recommended to avoid tipping the table over or causing drinks to spill at the slightest touch.

By using one or all of the suggestions above, we hope your search for the best coffee table is that much easier.

At Hygge Home, we offer a range of beautiful coffee tables in different size and shapes: One of our favourites is the Halifax Contrast Coffee Table, due to its classic monochrome look.

We are lovers of designs that can multitask. A coffee table with multiple storage layers is a winner because it provides a space for everything you need to be close at hand. The longer shelves in particular call out for stacks of glossy magazines. On top there has to be your statement coffee table book at the very least.

X marks the spot - one of the most defining features of this coffee table is the X shape woodwork at either end. Its strong lines make it even more confident and gives it just a touch of modernity.

Good Luck with your coffee table hunt! For more ideas & inspiration for your home, please follow Jen Reviews:

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