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A go-anywhere design

A go-anywhere design

Let's bring our attention to sideboards ... or do you call them buffets? We call them both and more, and this is why:

A dining room buffet for storing dinner party essentials. A home office hero for paperwork and colouring crayons. A hallway sideboard for tidying away everyday essentials and displaying a fresh bouquet. Or even a kitchen staple, like a scaled-down dresser.

Call it what you want, this piece of furniture can be used in every room of the house and offers clever storage versatility with its combination of generous drawers, hand-woven baskets and fixed shelving behind shaker style doors.

Here are some of our most popular sideboards:

1. A natural look - the hand woven rattan baskets invites a bit of nature into your home and brings a warm and cozy feeling.

H buffet B129
Halifax Buffet with Six Rattan Baskets - Shop Now

2. From top to toe - use the top of the sideboard for additional storage ... displaying stacked plates and cups or make it your private coffee-station with all your needs for that special brew.

H buffet B131
Halifax Kitchen Buffet - Shop Now

3. Sophisticated Sideboard - a signature bright white finish with a semi-gloss black top for an elegant monochrome look.

HC buffet B127ct
Halifax Contrast Buffet - Shop Now

4. And slide - Not only do sliding cupboard doors look good, but they serve a purpose too. Say you want a storage piece but in a tricky space where opening cupboard doors might prove difficult, sliding doors are the perfect solution. And don’t forget the drawers on top.

HC buffet b130cy
Halifax Contrast Buffet with Sliding Doors - Shop Now

Thank you following along! If you need more inspiration please have a look at our shop to see a large selection of buffets & sideboards.

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