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How to Choose the Ideal Bedside Table

How to Choose the Ideal Bedside Table

We all know that the bed is always the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. It is of course what makes it the bed-room. However a bedroom cannot be complete without this complementary and necessary piece of furniture ... the bedside table.

Bedside tables come in various sizes and shapes. A nightstand is usually smaller in size and suitable for a lamp and perhaps a small clock. There are also bedside cabinets, that tend to be slightly larger, and provide more functions with drawers and additional storage. 

Choosing the ideal bedside table can be tricky, as it needs to fulfill both your bedrooms style and functional needs.

Your bedside table should match the overall style of your bedroom, and it should be easily reachable from your bed. You may also want to use your bedside table to rest your favourite night time reads, and a glass of water. 

Here are some tips that can help you in choosing the ideal bedside table for your bedroom.

The Ideal Height

What is the ideal height for a bedside table or nightstand? Simply put, it should be even with the height of your mattress. 

Based on personal preference, you can opt to choose one that is slightly taller than your mattress height. 

Enough Storage

There are things we always need within reach from the bed, such as an alarm clock, reading glasses, our favorite book and other accessories.

It makes storage really essential for bedside tables. Storage can come in many forms, it should be a door, open shelves, drawers or baskets! 

On Style

Last but not least, it is the style.  Choosing a bedside table that matches the rest of the pieces in your bedroom furniture collection can provide a beautiful and finished look. But choosing one that does not match can make the room less formal and perhaps more inviting? 

In addition to the style and look, you might want to choose the bedside table based on other elements such as the material and colour.

To start think about what your normally put on the table, and see if you can get some inspiration in terms of size, function, and look!

Are you looking for a bedside table that will work with almost any style bedroom and offers enough storage? You might want to check our Halifax bedside table collection.

Halifax Bedside Table with Drawers

Take this one with its three drawers. It has been designed to stand at a height that works for beds high and low. It is also slim to help it fit into narrow spaces. It provides a compact surface for an alarm clock and book. And it has a trio of drawers to provide extra hiding places be it for socks or pyjamas.

Shop Now: Halifax Bedside Drawer Unit by NovaSolo

Halifax Bedside Storage Unit with Rattan Basket

If you prefer a more earthy style, get a bedside table that charms, with the inclusion of a handmade rattan basket. In lieu of a drawer, substitute a shelf with included basket. This bedside table combines looks and purpose.

Shop Now: Halifax Bedside Storage Unit with Basket by NovaSolo

Halifax Bedside Table with Dividers 

Here is a smart alternative for a bedside table. Vertical upright dividers are substituted for traditional shelving, offering a home for larger picture books, or even magazines. Crown moulding atop a drawer, and antique brass hardware completes the look.

Shop Now: Halifax Bedside Table with Dividers by NovaSolo

Halifax Bedside Table with Shelves

This is perfect combination of storage and style. Crown moulding is a charming feature of this drawer and shelving bedside companion. Handcrafted of plantation mahogany, and hardware fabricated in an antique brass finish.

Shop Now: Halifax Bedside Table with Shelves by NovaSolo

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