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4 Inspirational Tips to Decorate Your Buffet

4 Inspirational Tips to Decorate Your Buffet

Buffet or sideboard? You choose what to call it. Having a buffet is essential. From dining room to home office, it is a piece that translates into more spaces than one.

A buffet can come in a variety of sizes, with combinations of drawers and doors. In the dining room, living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom, the buffet is an ideal choice due to its storage capabilities. From storing house linens, housewares or wine glasses, the buffet can do it all.

Styling and decorating your furniture can be intimidating. Which accessories and colours fit the best? Do they match your other pieces, and fit the theme of your room? While there are certain rules to follow, remember what matters the most is what looks, feels and works best for your space and for you!

We are here to share with you some tips on how to decorate your buffet.

Start with a Blank Canvas and Select a Theme

The first step to decorating is ensuring you have a blank canvas. Clear the surface of your buffet, and the wall behind. Once you have a clear area, the fun begins!

You may decide to have a theme for your decorating. A theme will guide you in selecting the dominant colours you will be using, the type of accessories and their textures, as well as what to display on the top of your buffet and what to hang on the wall behind it.

If you can, try to choose items that you already have. Place one accessory, see how it looks, and switch to another item if desired. It is best to start with the biggest, boldest, or most representative item of your theme, then continue with the other smaller accessories. As an example, in the setting below this buffet was being used in the kitchen as a coffee station. The centre piece is the Espresso machine. To match with both the natural rattan baskets, and the colours of coffee, we selected vases in natural and earthy tones.  This colour pallet also works with the wooden wall in the background.

Hang Wall Art or a Mirror!

Hanging art pieces on the wall behind your buffet could be one of the easiest yet best ways to decorate your buffet. Choose your favorite paintings, handcrafted items, your DIY projects and your favourite framed pictures to style up the wall and give a sparkle to your buffet.

Colourful wall art is not your only option, you can also hang a mirror! A mirror is a great choice because it can make the rest of the room feel larger. Not sure how it will look? Take a peak at our example below! This mirror is the perfect accessory over a dresser or small buffet. It adds instant dimension and visual space. Handcrafted with detailed crown moulding and a bevelled mirror. A durable painted finish completes the look.

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Vertical and Horizontal Elements - Stay Balanced

No matter what accessories you have selected, stay balanced by mixing both horizontal and vertical elements. Horizontal elements such as boxes, trays and photo frames can be balanced with vertical accessories like a standing lamp, flowers in a tall vase, or even candles. Either on the top of your buffet or the wall behind, combine these two elements to create a stylish look with layers.

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Functional Beauty

Decorating a buffet is not only about displaying accessories that add beauty or style to the room. It is also about selecting items that add function. Instead of simply storing your housewares, why not display them as part of your decor? Think cups, utensils, even coffee machines! Combine these household items with other decorative accessories like candles, vases, and photographs, in a colour pallet that works.

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Decorating is a fun thing to do, especially when you have a classic and beautiful piece to decorate ... like the buffet! Our collection of white buffets can work in almost any room in your home and with any theme. Visit our shop and find various models & elegant designs.

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