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How to “Hygge” Style Your Bedroom

How to “Hygge” Style Your Bedroom

Hygge is a Danish word used to describe a feeling of cosiness and contentment. The great thing about Hygge is you don’t need to work hard to find it. Just slow down, live in the moment and enjoy the simple things.

Hygge at home might be a relaxed dinner with friends and family. Take the time to share stories, talk about your day and really make the most of each other’s company. On your own, Hygge may be snuggling up in a comfy chair to savour a good book, or doing homework with cookies and hot chocolate within easy reach.

The Hygge concept can be applied to any room in your home, as Hygge is all about coziness, comfort and contentment. This week we chose to apply it to the bedroom. 

Designing a bedroom in Hygge style means to create a warm, welcoming and super comfy room that is perfect to wrap you up after a long chilly day. Here are our favourite tips on how to Hygge style your bedroom. 

Make your Bed the Coziest of Cozy Spots

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, and if you want a bedroom that feels peaceful, a cozy peaceful looking bed is a good way to make that happen. The easiest way to do that? Pile your bed with warm and cozy blankets and pillows. Choose the ones that are made of warm and thick material to enhance the Hygge atmosphere.

Touches of Wood

Creating a warm atmosphere is essential in Hygge style. To give warmth to your bedroom, you might want to consider adding wooden furniture or accessories. This can be anything from wood flooring, to wooden bedside tables or dressers, to a study wood bed frame. 

Like our Halifax Bed by NovaSolo. This bed is proof of how white-painted solid timber can work in both traditional and contemporary room settings. The flared cornice that makes it so recognizable is teamed with a tongue and groove panelled head and footboard to reveal a heritage influence.

The bed looks the part with a floral bedspread, or taken down a Scandinavian route, with washed linen. It does not end there. It can handle soft to strong accent colours too, meaning it will work perfectly to compliment your Hygge style.

White Furniture Bedroom Ideas - Hygge Home

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Peaceful Lighting 

A peaceful bedroom can be created with correct lighting. What is the best lighting for Hygge style?

Neutral colors of light could help to make your bedroom feel peaceful, like white or other warm light colors. These colors can be associated with cleanliness and freshness, that can lead a room feeling peaceful. Avoid colors that are too vibrant and too bright as it will reduce the feelings of warmth in your bedroom.

Beyond that, you could also create a Hygge glow by lighting scented candles. The flickering flames and scent will indeed complete the Hygge feeling.

Bring Nature Indoors

Another idea to bring Hygge into your bedroom is by including natural touches like stone, natural fibers, wood, thick wool-knit, as well as flowers and live plants.

This can be in the materials of your furniture, your blankets, pillows or even as stand-alone accessories. 

Like the Halifax Bedside Table table, in lieu of a drawer, substitute a shelf with a handmade rattan basket. This bedside table combines both classic and natural looks.

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Create a Reading Corner

There is no better way to achieve Hygge style than to create a Hygge corner, or as the Danes call it a hyggekrog. It can become the epicenter of Hygge in your home and of course your bedroom. The space does not need to be big, but ensure it is dedicated to Hygge only. You want to keep it simple and avoid any potential for clutter.

Two essentials items to create it? A big cozy chair and soft lighting. Read more about our tips how to create a Hygge corner here.


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