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Hygge Holidays Tip: Create a Hygge Corner!

Hygge Holidays Tip: Create a Hygge Corner!

Over the holidays everyone wants to create that hygge feeling in their home. There is no better way to achieve this than to create a hygge corner, or as the Danes call it a hyggekrog. It can become the epicenter of hygge in your home.

Here is a recipe to creating the perfect hyggekrog in your home:

  1. A small nook or corner of a room. The space does not need to be big, but ensure it is dedicated to hygge only. You want to keep it simple and avoid any potential for clutter.
  2. A big chair that hugs whomever gets the pleasure of sitting in it.
  3. Layers of soft and cozy blankets to wrap yourself and your loved ones in.
  4. Comfy squishy pillows to melt into for your hygge dreams!
  5. Soft lighting, candlelight preferred.
  6. Some hygge activities. Reading, knitting, story telling, reflecting on the day, or better yet, cuddling and napping!

Remember hygge is all about simplicity, returning to basics. So don’t over do your hygge corner, make it a place that encourages relaxation and unwinding.

Now sit back and enjoy!

For more great ideas on how to bring Hygge to your home over the holidays check out our 24 Ways of Hygge!

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