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Hygge Holidays Tip: Make Christmas Cookies

Hygge Holidays Tip: Make Christmas Cookies

For us at Hygge Home, smells play such a strong role in creating & recreating lasting memories. How many times can you remember something simply by the smell?  The smell of freshly baked goods in your home can be a staple over the holidays.

This year, we have tried a new tradition with our friends, by participating in a christmas cookie exchange. This is something my mother has done for as long as I can remember with a group of close friends, and is something I would love to recreate with my own friends. There is a group of four of us, we have each made a different recipe of two-dozen cookies, and will exchange six cookies each this evening! This is a great way to incorporate baking into the holidays, as well as spending time with friends or family.

One idea we have used this year was to come to the cookie exchange with all of our cookies prepared. This way the focus of the exchange can be spending time with one another, and less time is spent in the kitchen. It also keeps the baking-mess contained to your own home!

For this year's exchange, we picked Shioban’s Thumbprint Cookies from (link here to recipe).

The recipe calls for a stand up mixer, but we were able to do it with a hand-held mixer. The only thing we noticed is this made the dough quite piece-y instead of smooth. It was then more difficult to shape into a disc before refrigerating.

How do plan a cookie exchange with your loved ones?

  1. Send out invitations - Pick a day and time that works for everyone. Earlier in the holiday season is also great, usually people’s schedules are more free. Plus you can then bring your exchanged goodies to upcoming parties!
  2. Set some ground rules - Types of cookies or treats? How many goodies? Bake before? Bake together?
  3. Share your recipes in advance - This way you don’t have any duplicates and people can indicate if they have allergies to any of the ingredients!
  4. Bake!
  5. Come prepared with a container - Bring a large enough container to the event with your cookies or baked goods. You can then refill this same container with all of the goodies you have swapped!
  6. Relax and enjoy! Set some time aside at the exchange to enjoy each other’s company, share stories and reconnect (especially if this is an annual event).

For more great ideas on how to bring Hygge to your home over the holidays check out our 24 Ways of Hygge!

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