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Hygge Holidays Tip: Spend Time with Family & Friends

Hygge Holidays Tip: Spend Time with Family & Friends

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone!

This special moment has always been about spending time with your loved ones. We slow down, eat delicious food, open Christmas gifts, pay a visit and relax. That is what Hygge is all about.

Charlotte Abraham, author of Hygge: A Celebration of Simple Pleasures, Living the Danish Way, said it best: “Spending time with family and loves ones is central to hygge, as if being fully focused on what you’re doing.”

What did this mean for us?

It meant we set aside a time early on in the holiday season to ensure we were able to get together and focus on the quality time we were spending together.

It meant we sat around the dining room table, sharing food and delicious treats. We had some new recipes: a delicious bell pepper and goat cheese strata (click here for recipe). And some old time favourites: mimosas and cinnamon buns.

It meant we cuddled with the two furry four legged friends that also joined our Hygge brunch.

It meant we caught up with friends we may not have seen for a couple of months, and laughed and shared stories and plans for the holiday season.

What was the most Hygge part?

The part that was most Hygge, was when we finished eating, instead of rushing out the door, we lingered, we stayed, we let the moment last. While some of us were almost snoozing on the couch, others were baking cookies. These additional hours were unplanned, unstructured and most definitely Hygge.

For more great ideas on how to bring Hygge to your home over the holidays check out our 24 Ways of Hygge!

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