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Hygge in the Summer

Hygge in the Summer

While it may be hard to imagine hygge in the summer, as it is most closely associated with the wintertime, it can be done!

Here are five tips to bring Hygge to your summer season:
1. Have fresh sheets and sleep with the windows open: nothing can beat the comfort of relaxing in bed in freshly washed sheets. Kick it up a notch and have your bedroom windows open. With a light breeze on a hot summer night, nothing can be cosier then cuddling up in bed.

2. Have a low-light dinner in the backyard: grill your favourite protein or vegetables, share stories with your family, friends or yourself, and inhale that warm summer air. Illuminate your table using either candles or a delicate string of lights.

3. Sleep under the stars: camp out in your backyard, tent or not! Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, or pull out some of your warmer cosier clothing to ensure you do not get cold, then relax back to the twinkling light of the stars.

4. Fresh flowers: either from your local market or even from your garden, fresh flowers brighten up a room and give a natural perfume to the space they occupy. Give them a smile every time you walk by.

5. Summer sweets: nothing beats a fresh fruit pie or berry crisp served a la mode after a nice dinner. Switch out the ice cream for coffee, and the dessert leftovers the next morning are even better. Whatever the time of day, savour it and enjoy the moment.

Remember, when it is hygge, you feel it!

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