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Impressive Storage and Why We Need It

Impressive Storage and Why We Need It

Storage is essential to achieve an organized home. It provides a place for everything and can assist in maintaining a clutter-free home. Thoughtfully designed storage provides both storage as a function, but in design it can style up your room and show case your valuable housewares.

We have outlined our favorite benefits of thoughtfully designed storage for your below:

Multi Purpose

Having storage furniture in your living room, kitchen and dining room can be a great option for many reasons, such as its function to give your room a clean, uncluttered look and decorative design to beautify the space.

A Hutch is a fantastic multi-purpose piece of furniture. The counter top that is normally consist of open shelves could be used to display and complement your valuable items, like your favorite decorations, travel memories, books and much more. Then, the function of base of the unit like drawers or shelving can be used for placing other household items such as dishware, linens, and much more.

Define Zones

Another idea is to select storage that creates boundaries between specific spaces, especially if your home features an open-concept layout.

Between the kitchen and living room or dining room, you may consider a nice room divider or open shelving book case. This allows for some separation of space, without feeling entirely closed off.

Halifax Room Divider with Basket Set by NovaSolo

This room divider and shelving unit is the perfect solution for creating separate spaces in your living quarters, while maintaining an airy open feeling. The irregular spacing of the upright dividers, and included hand-woven rattan baskets, add to the rustic charm.

Decorate a Large Wall

Do you have a large empty wall in either your living or dining room? Be inspired by our Hutches and Cabinets. Their beautiful design and impressive stance will nicely frame your wall in addition offer you wonderful storage options.

Choose a size that fits your space, and a design that meet the theme of your existing furnishings.

A Showcase for Your Collection

Do you love collecting decor and keepsakes? Keep your collections safe and more importantly displayed, by placing them in a hutch or cabinet!

Consider a hutch with open shelving or glass doors, to safely and beautifully showcase your collections.

Start with a theme. You may decide a colour, design or texture to best match your decor items.

Check the size. Are most of your item small? Make sure to choose something that is not too large and would create to much empty space. Check the size of the shelves to ensure all of your decor pieces will fit.

Halifax Hutch Bookcase Unit by NovaSolo

This generously proportioned and versatile bookcase unit can find its home in your living room or bedroom. Two separate components working together to create ideal storage. The base unit, with its combination of drawers and deep shelving, can be home to personal items or linens. The upper shelving unit features detailed beadboard wainscotting, that acts as an attractive backdrop for books or collectibles.

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