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Let’s Decorate with Black and White!

Let’s Decorate with Black and White!

Which colours create the best contrast? That is easy! They are black and white.

Black and white are beautiful on their own, but together each colours' strength stands out even more. In addition, they work well with almost all other colours! No wonder they are a favourite combination for home decor choices. You are guaranteed to fall for black and white, even if you are obsessed with other colours! Using black and white in your interior design choices, will give your room a fresh, clean and elegant look.

We are happy to share with you why we love decorating with black and white!

Which colours work with black and white? Any.

If you love other colours, but still want to decorate with black and white, do not worry! Pairing black and white with another colour is so easy. Both black and white are endlessly versatile and complement nearly any other colour.

Mix black and white with bright colours like red, orange, blue, green, yellow or pink, and you can see that it works in almost any scenario. This applies to colourful furniture, decorations or even walls. Black and white will help to highlight the pigmentation in each of your colourful decor choices.

Finding Black and White is Easy!

We love decorating in black and white. Why? Because these colours are easy to find! Linen, bedding, accessories and furniture in one of these shades can almost be found anywhere!

At Hygge Home we also love the combination of black and white furniture. Our collection, the Halifax Contrast does just that! It is sculpted out of kiln-dried mahogany and combines Halifax’s signature bright white finish with a semi-gloss black top for an elegant monochrome look.

The generous proportions and farmhouse charm of this buffet makes it suitable for kitchen and living space. Crown molding and shaker style doors offer subtle styling. Utensils or linens can easily be housed in the drawers while fixed shelving behind two sets of double doors provide ample storage.

Shop Now: Halifax Contrast Buffet by NovaSolo

Shop Now: Halifax Contrast Entertainment Unit Medium with Two Drawers by NovaSolo

Every piece within the Halifax Contrast collection has a classic silhouette which features a molded plinth at its base and flared cornice on top. The antiqued hardware is in the form of traditional cup handle and button knob with exposed bolts to match. And then there is the period-style paneling and the beveled drawer fronts.

It is Timeless

We believe that the combination of black and white has been used since the birth of interior design. For both french country-style and contemporary interiors, the current trend is monochrome.

Black and white are timeless. Therefore having a piece, or more, of furniture or accessories in black or white is a good investment.

It Works for a Small Room

Looking for tips to make a small room more spacious? Try decorating with black and white as your main colour scheme. You can start with the floor or wall in black or white, and then decorate using colourful accessories. Try to minimize the amount of furniture and size of your accessories in order to create a larger look.

Sometimes furniture can take up a lot of space. Try finding furniture that can multitask, such as a coffee table with storage underneath, or a bed with drawers below.

Shop Now: Halifax Contrast Coffee Table by NovaSolo

We are lovers of designs that can multitask. A coffee table with multiple storage layers is a winner because it provides a space for everything you need to be close at hand. The longer shelves in particular call out for stacks of glossy magazines, and on top there has to be your statement coffee table book at the very least. One of the most defining features of this coffee table is the X shape woodwork at either end. Its strong lines make it even more confident and gives it just a touch of modernity.

Need more inspiration for black and white furniture? Visit our shop and find various models & elegant designs.

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