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How to Maximize a Small Hallway

How to Maximize a Small Hallway

Is your hallway small? A narrow hallway might often be seen as a waste of space, but it doesn't need to be. We have ideas that will help give your hallway more character and function.

Hallways connect one room to another in your home. While necessary, they are often one of the most neglected spaces in our homes. A hallway is known as a place to put shoes, keys, even groceries, as well as all the things you grab on the last minute before leaving your home. The hallway is also one of the first spaces that we see when we enter our home. For this reason, we have compiled our top ideas on how to maximize your hallway ... or hallways.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall! 

A mirror will help maximize the light you have. Especially if your hallway has limited natural light, a mirror will be able to reflect any and all light that is available. For narrow hallways, a mirror will give a great sense of space and can make your hallway feel even larger. It is best to mount your mirror to the wall in order to leave your floor space free.

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A Bench That Fills the Space

There can often be dead space at the end of a hallway. Instead of having a road that leads to no where, why not create a Hygge nook, or cozy corner, with functional seating and beautiful throw pillows? We recommend using a bench, as it can offer both seating and storage.

This low profile combination bench and storage unit below offers appealing storage options, with its smart combination of hand-woven palm baskets and shelving. And, when needed, extra seating can be provided in a pinch. The flared crown molding, rustic baskets, and painted finish, all work in unison to create this unique piece.

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Your Art Display

Are you feeling the desire to add a personal touch to your hallway? Why not use the wall as a gallery! Framed photographs, paintings or other wall decor items offer a beautiful visual display and add personality into the space.

If you do have furniture in your hallway, maximize its function by using it as a display area for your beloved personal art collection. Think wall shelves, wall hooks, or console tables. Each of these items may be suitable to lean photographs on, or support little knick knacks.

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Add some flair with above cleverly designed coat rack. A small shelf has been incorporated into the crown molding, as a spot to display your decorative wares. Large coat hooks, with an antique brass finish, provide a home for coats, keys, or handbags.

Multi-Functional Furniture

What is better than having multi-functional furniture in your hallway? We love furniture that checks all the boxes: design, function and storage!

Investing in great storage solutions will help you to increase the sense of space in your hallway. There is a wide array of multi-functional furniture that does the job and looks the part! Our favourites includes console tables with drawers, coat racks, and floating wall shelves.

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Keep entryway clutter at bay with above attractive bench and coat rack combo. A cleverly designed shelf, in place above the flared crown molding, tops the unit and offers an unexpected display opportunity. Antique brass hooks can accommodate a number of your guests’ coats or jackets with ease. A seating area is housed above two generous drawers. Attractive wainscoting forms a detailed backdrop to the unit, making this piece a visual treat when you step into your home.

Need more inspiration for your hallway? Visit our shop and find various models & elegant designs for the best furniture choices.

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