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Styling Your Bookcase

Styling Your Bookcase

A bookcase is one of the most essential pieces of furniture for your home. It is such a great piece due to its functionality and versatility. A bookcase works not only to tidy up and house your books, but also to organize and display your decorative pieces. In addition it can work in almost any room! This includes but is not limited to the bedroom, home office, hallway and living room!

Here are some tips on how to style your bookcase:

Add some layers!

Adding layers amidst your bookcase shelving creates dimensions. Start by putting larger pieces, like heavy books or a big vase, at the back and layer forward with smaller decorative pieces, like framed photographs or travel keepsakes. You can easily create dimension with your books by alternating vertical and horizontal stacks.

Add some light!

To brighten up your bookcase, add some light or sparkle with an LED light letter or fairy lights. Try to choose lights that don’t come with electrical wires to make your bookcase less cluttered.

Decorate naturally!

Bring a natural touch to your bookcase décor, by simply adding living or fake plants and greenery. Including natural elements in your décor will make your bookcase look fresh and add a bright ambience to the room.

This does not need to be limited to plants, you can also choose decorative pieces in natural colors, or those made from natural materials like wood and rattan.

Display your art!

A bookcase is the perfect place to display your artwork, especially if it is handmade. This may include your children’s paintings, DIY boxes or frames. Place these masterpieces on your bookcase to add a personal touch to the room.

All of the above tips work perfectly for any existing bookcase that you may have. If you are looking for something fresh & new, checkout some of our beloved bookcases below!

Halifax Bookcase with Drawer

Tall. Slim. Simple. This easygoing storage piece isn’t too big and isn’t too small making it a super easy to fit into most homes. Four generous height shelves mean you can use it for books or to display vases, baskets and files, all fitting inside no problem. The low-lying drawer is for all the stuff you don’t want people to see. This piece easily translates from home office bookcase to hallway display unit.

Shop Now: Halifax Bookcase with drawer by NovaSolo

Halifax Bookcase with Three Drawers

This shelving unit can display all of your favourite books or collectibles. The semi gloss white painted finish highlights the detailed moulding. Three drawers at the base, with antique brass pulls, offer additional storage for linens or personal items.

Shop Now: Halifax Bookcase with Three Drawers

Provence Bookcase

From bedrooms to living rooms, a bookcase is a familiar piece that brings instant character and structure to a space. This solid mahogany piece can take an impressive amount of weight, but do not feel obliged to fill it to the brim, a few books to the left and a few to the right will give the tongue and groove back panel a chance to shine.

Shop Now: Provence Bookcase

Halifax Hutch Unit Single-Bay

A hutch unit for all your storage needs. Attractive wainscoting provides a subtle backdrop to the upper open shelving unit. The base unit feature shaker style doors with antique brass hardware. Moulding and decorative trim are further enhanced by the semi-gloss painted finish.

The Halifax hutch comes in three different sizes, all with adjustable shelving.

Shop Now: Halifax Hutch Unit Single Bay, Double Bay or Triple Bay

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