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The Wickerworks Collection

The Wickerworks Collection

What is more hygge than bringing elements of nature into the cosiness of your home? Rattan furniture has an easy appeal to it. The wicker weave is tactile and comforting and brings us that bit closer to nature. It is typically used in rooms that are all about relaxing, think conservatories, bedroom corners or a contemporary living room.

Introducing the Wickerworks collection, which does just that! A comforting collection of hand-woven dining & lounge chairs designed to complement the furniture collections of Halifax, Provence and Bordeaux most naturally.

Wickerworks offers a range of seating options in varying shapes and sizes that can either be mixed and matched around a table setting, arranged in pairs on your front porch or stationed solo to liven up a corner in your living room or bathroom. One thing is for sure: there is a chair for you so please, take a seat.

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