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Tips on How to Pick the Right Dining Chairs for Your Dining Room

Tips on How to Pick the Right Dining Chairs for Your Dining Room

Last week we discussed tips on how to choose the right dining table for your dining room. The dining room is a centre piece of a home, it is a place where family and friends bond together over meals, stories and jokes. Once you have your perfect dining room table, next on the list is dining chairs!

Choosing the perfect chairs for your dining room might not be an easy task. When making this decision we suggest considering the important factors below:

It is all about Comfort

Comfort may be the most important factor when choosing dining room chairs. You want everyone around the table to focus on the delicious food and good company they are enjoying, not the discomfort in their seat.

When selecting a dining chair remember what you are using it for. Of course the primary use is for dining, but also remember the conversations that occur around the dining table, and that you may use your dining area for work and projects. Therefore you want a chair that you can comfortably and enjoyably sit in for long periods of time.

When choosing a dining chair, try sitting in the chair to determine if it is comfortable enough for you. Is the seat size suitable? How does the cushion feel? Is the back comfortable for you to lean against it? Is it easy for you to move, when standing and when seated?

The Correct Size

Another important factor when selecting the perfect dining chair is the size. The size of the chair seems very obvious, however it can often be overlooked. The size of your dining chair is very important not only in maximizing your space, but also in completing the overall look of your dining room.

You will need to know the size of your dining room and your dining table. This will allow you to determine how many chairs your table can accommodate, the space between chairs at the table, and the additional space behind the chairs when they are pulled out from the table.

As a general rule of thumb follow these measurement guidelines below:

  • Most dining room tables are 30 inches in height, and most chairs seat height is 18 inches.
  • Allow 24-30 inches of table space for each guest.
  • Allow 12 inches between the seat of the chair and the tabletop
  • Allow 36 inches between the dining table

With or Without Arms

Most dining chairs come in two styles, with arms or without arms. It is up to you to determine which style you prefer, with arms, without arms, or a mix of both! Dining chairs with arms might be more comfortable as you can rest your arms during a meal, and the arms provide support when getting in and out of the seat. Dining chairs without arms take up less space, and give a simple and clean look.

Like our Halifax Dining Chair, the simple lines of this dining chair offer a quiet elegance, echoed in the gently tapered legs. A slightly bowed back offers extra comfort. Solid wood construction and semi gloss painted finish complete the look. Each chair is accompanied by a cushion stitched from 100% cotton.

Halifax Dining Chair

Shop Now: Halifax Dining Chair by NovaSolo 

Choose Your Favourite Material

There is no question that a good quality dining chair is a must, but choosing a specific material of dining chair is also important, as it should match the overall concept and look you are trying to achieve in your dining room.

  • Wooden dining chairs are the most common. They are classic and fit to most styles and colours.
  • Metal chairs are another classic choice. They are made of strong material and are durable. You might choose a solid metal chair, or a combination of wooden seat and metal legs.
  • Acrylic dining chairs create a modern and minimalistic look. They are perfect for a dining rooms where space is at a premium.
  • Rattan or wicker chairs are rich of texture and stylish. It is always beautiful to combine rattan chairs with  modern or classic furniture to add a natural and earthy style.

Check out our Wickerworks collection that invites nature into your home. A comforting collection of hand-woven dining chairs made with all natural kubu rattan in a warm ashy tone.

Salsa Dining Chairs

A casual yet chic dining chair realized in hand woven rattan encasing a solid mahogany curved frame. The dark natural tones contrast elegantly with the included seat cushion. Tie backs smartly keep the cushion in place but simultaneously add detail. Cleaning is a snap with the removable 100 % cotton cover, fabricated in a sturdy herringbone.

Shop Now Wickerworks Salsa Dining Chair by NovaSolo

Morin Dining Chairs

Sleek, elegant, and textured are words that jump to mind upon encountering the Morin dining chair. Hand woven rattan, wrapped around an undulating mahogany frame, is presented in contrasting directional weaves, creating visual interest with simplicity. The included cushion has a 100% cotton cover.

Shop Now: Wickerworks Morin Dining Chair by NovaSolo

Aristocrat Dining Chairs

This natural rattan dining chair is proof of just how good wicker can look in an interior dining space. Armless, the shape is pared-back to let the weave make the statement it was destined to say. It has a romanticism to its aesthetic and it is nothing short of sheer elegance.

Shop Now: Wickerworks Aristocrat Chair by NovaSolo

Good luck with your dining chair hunt! For more ideas & inspiration for your home, visit us

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