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Tips to Accessorize Your White Furniture

Tips to Accessorize Your White Furniture

Do you have the feeling that white furniture would be too bland for your home? Think again. White color evokes a timeless elegance that just few other colors can give. Combining white furniture with any other color is easy as we do not need to be worry about it clashing. Rather than buying new furniture to redecorate your home, new accessories could be what you need.

You could accessorize white furniture by painting the walls in different colors, adding home decorations such as photographs, a vase or your favorite books.

Mix with Your Favorite Color

Punches of your favorite color might work wonders in terms of accessorizing white furniture. Don’t be afraid to use bold colors such as blue, yellow or even hot pink! Strong colors on white furniture will really pop. If you prefer a more calm look, you can use pale or pastel shades.

Adding a touch of bright colors like yellow, blue or green accompanying the above white buffet creates a fresh atmosphere and fun look, without being too fussy.

Black and White

What could be more elegant than a combination of black and white? It never goes out of style. Give a touch of class and luxury with some back accents.

Feel free to dress your living room or dining room with some black decorations. It will make both colors stand out.

Pictured above, this white TV stand stands out as a centre-piece in contrast to the black wall behind. It is further accessorized with two beautiful black statues, creating an elegant and powerful display.

Earth Tones

If you prefer less contrast combination, pairing white with neutral shades could create calm and relaxing mood in any room. If your bedroom is filled with white furniture, you may add some tan curtains and a brown bedspread.

Mixing your white furniture with earthy colors will allow you to add color without being overbearing. A vase, decorative cups, even chairs in earthy colors are great ways to add soft contrast, especially when you love having natural elements in your home.

The above white rectangle coffee table is a centrepiece of the room, accompanied by rattan chairs and other accessories in earth tones like curtains, pillows, a vase and rugs, the whole room invites peaceful and restful feelings.

More White

White on white? Why not?

Giving a white color scheme will actually give your furniture a fresh and uncluttered appearance. To avoid it getting boring, use accessories in different textures or patterns to add eye-catching contrast.

For example, on your white buffet, add accessories that have a different finish so they stand out in their own way. Feeling bold? Think white sequins or beads.

Who doesn’t love having a white floating wall shelf ? Try accessorizing them with your favorite dining equipment in different textures.

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