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Welcoming December: The 24 Ways of Hygge

Welcoming December: The 24 Ways of Hygge

It is almost the first of December! Can you believe it? So, with that in mind, we thought we would pull together 24 ideas on ways to bring more Hygge into your life this upcoming month.

1. Spend quality time with family and friends.

We all know that spending time with loved ones makes us happy. Picture yourself around a big table with all of your nearest and dearest sharing food, drinks, stories and love. This is Hygge.

2. Drink hot chocolate.

We recommend making REAL hot chocolate. Return to the basics using real dark chocolate, cream and milk. Savour this delicious treat in your cozy living room with loved ones.

3. Drop your change in a charity collection pot.

Over the holidays it is important to remember that there are many individuals and families who are less fortunate. Consider donating to a charity on behalf of a friend or family member this year. Giving back to your community is extremely rewarding.

4. Pick up a book.

Although Hygge can often be associated with being with those you love, it is almost just as important to be hygge with yourself. Pick up your favourite book, a warm soft blanket and cuddle up in a big chair next to the fire. Breathe in the smell of the pages, and relax into this alone time.

5. Bath time

As the temperature outside is dropping, sometimes nothing can beat the simplicity of a warm bath. Think bubbles, candles and some relaxing music.

6. Get outside. 

When you picture hygge, it is most often indoors, next to the fire in a cozy sweater and socks. You can also achieve that hygge feeling outdoors! Grab a scarf, a big jacket and put on your boots, you can still get #thatcozyfeeling while breathing in fresh crisp air, and enjoying the beauty of nature. As a bonus, it will make coming home that much more hygge (cue hot cocoa and couch cuddles).

7. Christmas music.

For us at Hygge Home, music can easily create feelings of nostalgia … especially Christmas music. It immediately brings us back to being with family and friends around the holidays. This season, if you crank up the tunes you can also get the benefit of listening to music as featured in Huffingtonpost:

  • Music can relieve anxiety
  • Music can put you in a good mood
  • Music can be motivating during a workout
  • Music can create a dancy party
  • Music sticks with you

8. Don’t deprive yourself.

Around the holidays there are more tasty treats, and delicious drinks in the mix. Do not stress, but instead indulge and enjoy. Remember it is all about balance!

9. Put down the Phone.

Disconnect from your electronic network. Instead connect fully with your physical network. No distractions. Focus on the moments you are creating and enjoying with those around you. You will never know what you may have missed.

10. Bring the outdoors indoor.

One of the most important elements of hygge is being natural – one with nature. During the winter months it can sometimes be too cold to go outside. So how do you interact with the natural elements of hygge? Bring the outdoors indoor! And we don’t just mean Christmas trees. Think about the design elements in your home: hardwood floors, exposed stone-walls, and wooden beams

11. Indulge in chocolate.

Whether it is a box of chocolates, hot chocolate, or a daily piece from your holiday advent calendar, indulge in the greatness that is Chocolate. One thing is for sure, that chocolate makes people happy! Why is this? It tastes good and it smells delicious. In all seriousness, eating chocolate releases neurotransmitters that have positive effects on how people feel! Find out more about why chocolate makes people happy at

12. Watch a christmas movie or two.

Nothing can get you in the holiday spirit more than a Holiday or Christmas movie. Cozy up under a blanket with a warm comforting beverage. We recommend: The Grinch, Jingle All the Way, and our new personal favourite, Arthur Christmas (takes place in Aarhus, Denmark).

13. Candles! Candles! Candles!

Did we mention candles??? Nothing is more hygge than the glow created by the flickering flames of a candle or ten! With that in mind, for the best hygge candles, beeswax is best.

14. Don’t over do.

The holidays can be one of the busiest times of the year. It is full of dinners, parties and all types of celebrations. It is important to make sure you prioritize time for yourself. Do not over schedule your weekends, and spend some cozy time at home doing the things you love.

15. Update your loungewear.

One of the easiest ways to feel hygge, is to feel hygge in what you are wearing. Think cozy socks, wool sweaters, a soft fleecy house coat, a knit scarf or a nice pair of flannel pyjamas. Make sure whatever you are getting hygge in, makes you feel nice.

16. Don’t rush.

Make it a goal this season to slow down: live in the moment and enjoy the simple things. Sometimes it can be hard to not rush, if we are not busy we feel unproductive or lazy. Try not cleaning the dishes up immediately after a family meal, leave the table as is. Linger. This requires a mental shift.

17. Create a hygge corner.

This can be the epicenter of hygge in your home. Gather your most hygge home accessories: blankets, pillows, candles or low light. This is a place for activities such as reading, meditation, journalling or cuddling. Sink down into the deep cushions of the Queen chair below, and relax or read in style. Shop the product here.

18. Start a new tradition.

Over the holidays it is easy to stick to family traditions that have been passed down through the generations. This season we challenge you to start a new tradition. This can be simple, a new recipe for your favourite dessert, or a fun game to play after dinner. Whatever it is, focus on who are spending time with.

19. Make christmas cookies.

What is nicer than coming home to a house smelling of freshly baked holiday treats? Now picture yourself eating one, with a nice cup of coffee or tea, snuggled up on the couch.

Here are some of our favourite christmas cookie recipes:

20. Review your work life balance.

The typical 9 to 5 work week is quickly changing. Many careers offer more flexible arrangements, and while they can be accommodating to your life’s demanding schedule, they can also make it more difficult to find balance between your home life and work life (especially if you are a mobile worker). We recommend taking some time this season to reflect on balance in your life: your goals, your life at work, your life after work. has some tips to achieve a between work-life balance:

  • Managing your time: instead of multi-tasking, look for ways to overlap tasks or activities
  • Enjoying your weekends and vacations: do not leave all your chores for the weekend, take time to relax and spend time with family or friends
  • Take time for yourself: free time does not have to be available time

21. Cook with family.

A great way to create hygge is by cooking with those you love, not only does the smell fill your house, the feeling of working together does so too. If you have kids, this is a great way to involve them in the kitchen. It is fun for all, and at the end … you get to share all your hard work over a nice home cooked meal.

22. Capture the moments.

Take photographs … with a real camera if possible (or if you only have your phone, this is the one exception for you to pick it up). Capture these special moments you are having with family and friends. explains 6 reasons why photography matters. As Declan O’Neill explains: “Photographs matter because they freeze moments of our lives which pass unremarkably and which seem to have little importance to us at the time.” By taking a photograph, you are acknowledging moments before they pass by, and creating a time capsule for your beloved memories.

23. Sit in front of the fireplace.

A fireplace in a home offers a cozy warmth like no other heating appliance. If you have a wood burning fire, this is another way to bring elements of the outdoors inside. Nothing is quite like the sound of crackling wood.

Bonus: if your home does not have a fireplace you can always use Netflix’s Fireplace for Your Home. You may want an extra blanket as this option isn’t quite as toasty.

24. Let it happen.

While most of our tips have been about how to create that cozy feeling, remember the best hygge moments are when they happen naturally: they are not structured, they follow no formula. Do not focus so much on creating hygge, just let it happen.

It can be just as special, thinking back on a moment and knowing for sure, that it was hygge.

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