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Welcoming Spring

Welcoming Spring

As we are trying to say goodbye to winter, we look forward to welcoming the Spring season.

The Spring season is known as the season of new beginnings. Outdoors this means, temperatures are beginning to rise, and flowers and plants are beginning to bloom and grow. Indoors spring is usually a time for fresh starts, getting rid of excess and reviving your space (otherwise known as spring cleaning).

At Hygge Home we like to combine all elements of spring, and even add some Hygge. Some may find it hard to imagine Hygge in any season but the winter, but Hygge can happen anywhere and at anytime.

Here are out top spring seasonal tips for embracing a fresh start, whether it means spending more time outdoors, or returning your home to its more natural state:

Spring season tips – Outdoors

  1. Go for a walk outdoors – listen for the sounds of spring and inhale the fresh aromas of new growth.
  2. Prep your patio furniture – As the evenings begin to get longer and the temperatures begin to rise, nothing welcomes spring like enjoying a meal outside (breakfast, lunch or dinner). Be prepared and prep your patio furniture in advance. Wipe off any dirt that was accumulated over the winter. A solution of warm water, baking soda and vinegar should do the trick!
  3. Enjoy a family picnic! This combines two of our favourite elements of Hygge: sharing a meal with loved ones, and connecting with nature. This can be as simple as sandwiches and fresh fruit shared on a comfy blanket.

Spring season tips – Indoors

  1. Get rid of any unnecessary items – Start with your closet and your drawers. At a season change instead of packing away your winter clothes, consider donating or giving away any clothing items you no longer wear or maybe do not need. Then go through the remaining rooms in your house and slowly begin to de-clutter. Look for magazines in the living room, toiletries or makeup in the bathroom, even cleaning supplies?
  2. Pick a bouquet of fresh flowers from your garden to bring inside, or select a beautiful arrangement from your local market or grocery store. The colours and the aromas will add something new and fresh to your space.
  3. Open your windows – Allow as much natural light into your home as possible (keep the curtains drawn back), and open your windows intermittently. Try 15-20 minutes. This fresh cool air is both refreshing and energizing!

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