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White Bedroom Furniture

White Bedroom Furniture

We are lovers of white bedroom furniture. It is simple, clean, and lets your other bedroom accessories do the talking. 

Here are some tips and benefits on decorating a bedroom with white furniture:

1. Bright and clean.
White furniture can enhance any lighting in a room, making it appear brighter and cleaner. It can make a room feel spacious. 


2. Accessories stand out.
White furniture is great because white goes with almost any other colour. If the foundations of your bedroom furnishings are white, any accent colours or patterns on your bedroom accessories will stand out! This can still be simple, such as a vase filled colourful flowers, or brightly patterned sheets.

3. Cloud like appeal.
A bedroom is a place for relaxation, winding down, and most importantly sleep. The best bedrooms have a cloud like feel: a bed that you don’t want to get out of in the morning, and that you look forward to jumping back into at the end of the day. One way to create cloud like appeal is through soft sheets and plush pillows. Another way is to furnish your bedroom with the colour of the clouds (hint: this means white furniture).  

4. White furniture accents.
When selecting white furniture for your bedroom, it is not a requirement to have all of your pieces match. Instead, you can use white furniture as an accent or statement piece. Here are some suggestions on furniture pieces you could select to be the white statement in your bedroom:

  • White Bed - The bed is the epicentre of your bedroom. It is the one piece of furniture makes a bedroom a bed-room.
  • White Bedside Tables - Try a pair of matching white bedside tables on either side of your bed.
  • White Dresser - A white dresser can be a great statement piece. With all of your clothes neatly tucked away, it provides both a clean look and function.
  • White Wardrobe - Wardrobe's such as the Halifax Wardrobe always remind me of childhood stories, like the legends of Narnia or Beauty and the Best. You never know what excitement might be hiding behind the doors?
  • White Storage Chest - A storage chest is a great staple in any bedroom. It allows you to easily tuck away any decorative pillows and blankets. As a bonus it provides extra seating. 


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