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Why white bedroom furniture

Why white bedroom furniture

White furniture is a great staple in any bedroom. It provides a clean and simple look, around which you can create a calm cloud-like environment, or a more vibrant colorful oasis if paired with bold and bright bedding or even an accent wall.

We have picked our 5 favourite tips of the things you need to do to create a more peaceful bedroom from Adrienne Breaux’s article below. If you follow these you will be crafting your own heavenly retreat and sleeping in a cloud in no time. 

Want a More Peaceful Bedroom?

By Adrienne Breaux, Apartment Therapy

Link to full article: please click here!

  1. “Consider light, neutral colors. Does a peaceful bedroom have to be all white? No, but light, neutral colors do help. White and other light colors are visually associated with cleanliness and freshness, which are the kind of characteristics that can lead to a room feeling peaceful. Color, while vibrant and motivating, can get your blood pumping a little too much.
  2. Strip it down to its bare necessities (furniture-wise). You don't have to take it all out, but consider trimming away some furniture you just don't actually need. This will make the bedroom feel lighter, look less cluttered and help you focus more on what the space is intended to be for.
  3. Focus on your nightstand as an important piece of real estate.
    It sits next to you silently as you sleep. And depending on what sleep pose you rock, it might be the first thing your eyes focus on when you wake up. But most importantly, it's the piece of furniture with the potential to really offer up a peaceful ritual right before you sleep. So keep dust and clutter off of it. Put just what you need on it, but more importantly, know what you need before you go to bed (think about the things you're always throwing the covers off to get out of bed to go get last minute). Make this piece of real estate work to make your life easier.
  4. Fill the wall behind your bed with whatever would bring you peace when you walk in because the bed is often the focal point of a bedroom, the wall behind the bed is important, too. Think about what might bring you peace. Is it a lovely landscape that reminds you of the land you grew up on? Is it travel photos from that time you spent on the beach? Is it photos of your kiddos as they've grown up? Is it a soft family heirloom hanging on the wall? You want the first feeling you get when you walk into your bedroom to be one of peacefulness, so consider what might do that for you and hang that on the wall behind your bed.
  5. Make your bed the coziest of cozy spots. As we mentioned above, the bed is often the focal point of the bedroom, and if you want a bedroom that feels peaceful, a cozy, peaceful looking bed is a good way to make that happen.”

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